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Stephanie Porter: press


"Jazz musicians love Stephanie Porter's voice"

Stephanie Porter is a name every musician should know. Her soulful voice has enchanted many in and around the Northwest.

The best vocalists are the most versatile ones, able to interpret the hell out of a song — be it R&B, the Great American Songbook, a little pop, a little pizzazz. A Seattle treasure, Stephanie Porter, is one of those vocalists, and one jazz musicians speak fondly of, not to mention recommend around town.

“How Deep Is The Ocean” #7 at Jazz store in Tokyo - February 23, 2011


Album "How Deep is the Ocean" wins Indi Music Top 25 for 2011 

Stephanie Porter was born to sing Jazz. That much is evident from the opening of "Love For Sale" an excellent cut from her album How Deep Is The Ocean? Porter's vocals on the track are stunning as is the offbeat drumming. The song has a very open sound, at times just her voice and drums, though acoustic bass and piano are also utilized.

Porter can sing like no tomorrow to be blunt. She has stunning depth and range and never overdoes it or overstays her welcome. Her smoky vocals on "Love Me Or Leave Me" are haunting and totally geared for the song. It's quite easy to picture a 1930's Jazz Club covered in cigarette smoke with a bunch of gentlemen hoping to be lonely no more. I think I also picture Jessica Rabbit.

"How Deep Is The Ocean?" has a bit of swing and swagger to it with excellent piano and acoustic bass work even including a bass solo. Again, Porter's vocals are great and the musical arrangements are first class. It is truly a pleasure to listen to a nod to the distant past of American music that sounds genuine and sincere. And, what a voice to do it with. Truly outstanding

                                                                                                                      Peter Braidis

- INDI-MUSIC.COM (Sep 21, 2010)
Feature Story in Big Fun Entertainment, Arts and Leisure Guide - November 1, 2010 (Nov 5, 2011)

"Stephanie Porter is one of freshest new jazz vocalists I've heard in quite some time. One of the things I like best about her is that her sound is totally her own; she doesn't sound like anyone else. (OK, maybe a little like the young Anita O'Day... but just a little.) It's going to be a delight to watch and hear her artistic growth in the years to come."

Nick Morrison, Production Manager - KPLU

"Rather than ensnare you with a lot of vivid adjectives, I'm just going to get right to the point... listen to this album! I mean it! I was and am in total awe with this woman's voice. It's something like Norah Jones with more harmonics, but more broad, more full and just spilling over with emotion. It's been a long, long time since an album has stopped me in my tracks so completely. Even if you don't claim to be much of a jazz vocals fan, at least give this a whirl. Stephanie Porter is not going to be "indie" very long. With an instrument like that voice, she's sure to be chasing the popularity of Diana Krall in no time. It's pure silk. Just listen."

"Her voice took me on a melodic journey, twisting and turning up and down. One that without question made me smile in satisfaction. This is the artist you brag to fellow music aficionados about finding first. If you don't buy here music you can just wait a year or two and then catch her on the AMA or your local jazz station as she's more then able and certain to make her mark."